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Group Psychotherapy

Mixed Men and Women Group


Womens Group

Welcome to group psychotherapy! I am excited for you to join and I hope you have a great experience.

Group lasts 60 minutes: Womens Group is every Wednesday from 12-1 pm and Mixed Group is every Thursday from 12-1 pm by videoconference. There are usually about 3-6 members attending each session.

Group therapy is an opportunity speak deeply with others exploring and growing in their lives. It is rare to find others with whom we can speak openly and deeply and know that everything will be kept within the group. Members are all currently in my practice and committed to deepening understanding of their own feelings, thoughts and physical experience. We are often socialized to minimize the importance of these. We may not well identify and express these, which can lead to conflict in relationships, addictive behaviors and physical health problems due to somaticizing normal human feelings like anger, depression, sadness and loneliness.

In a small group with other men and women, we can develop trust to open up about our lives and experiences. We will see that others share many similar experiences and will not judge us. In group therapy, members grow to care deeply about each other and receive support, understanding, ideas, insight, empathy and challenge. Members are all in different places in their journey of healing and growth.

Topics for group are open and flexible, depending on the needs of the members each week. Some common experiences that the group may focus on, in addition to those already mentioned, include:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Healing from past traumas and abuse

  • Handling stress

  • Childhood conflicts, family dysfunction, abandonment, poor modeling

  • Emotional intelligence and expression

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Improving communication skills in relationships, family, work and friendships

Some more guidelines:

  • Everything in group is confidential, including the identity of members and what each person shares.

  • I may suggest but not require some readings which I will provide or direct you to. We will sometimes refer to them or do exercises with helpful concepts and tools.

  • Often what one person is sharing will evoke feelings, memories and comments from others. Allow the person sharing to complete all they want to say before responding. Do not sidetrack their time to have the group focus on your issue. I as the group leader may ask you to wait until the sharing member is finished.

  • Focus of work may be a present life issue, childhood issue or group issue.

  • Arrange your schedule to ensure regular weekly attendance. I ask for at least a 3 month commitment.

  • Insurance may or may not cover group. Check with me and/or your insurance carrier.

  • Private pay rates for group are based on the number of attendees each week:

  • 6 or more attendees=$30; 4-5 attendees=$35; 1-3 attendees=$40.

  • We will use a recurring Zoom link.

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